About lexoffice

lexoffice makes business office tasks and all bookkeeping for freelancers, self-employed people, freelancers and (small) entrepreneurs very easy. With lexoffice, you can create quotes, write invoices, record costs, scan receipts with your smartphone, do your bookkeeping automatically and prepare your tax return without any prior knowledge. And all in one system.

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Functions and advantages of the ADASMA - lexoffice interface

Avoid unnecessary duplication of work and redundant data with the fully integrated interface between lexoffice and ADASMA.

  • Simple and secure setup via oauth connection
  • Transfer of master data from lexoffice to ADASMA
  • Continuous updating on change
  • Transfer of invoice drafts from ADASMA to lexoffice
  • No manual transfer and no duplicate data storage

The lexoffice advantages:

  • High time savings for administrative tasks (e.g. monthly invoices, payroll accounting)
  • Mobile working via app, smartphone, tablet or notebook (including Apple Mac)
  • Simple operation without accounting knowledge
  • Finances at a glance in one program (taxes + invoices + online banking + accounting)
  • GoBD certified and recognized by the tax office
  • GDPR-compliant data protection and legally compliant work
  • From the market leader "Lexware" with decades of experience