Mobile Auftragsbearbeitung durch Servicetechniker

Advantages of mobile order processing in service

If you want to significantly improve your service process, there is no way around digitizing your service technicians in the long term. In this article, we would like to explain the advantages of mobile order processing in practice. Often, only the measurable benefits of a service technician app are highlighted - e.g. time and cost savings. We will also show you the qualitative and barely measurable advantages.

All information available on mobile devices at any time (online and offline)

Compared to paper-based order processing, a mobile service solution provides fitters with significantly more information in the field. The Technicians carry all the information to the customer incl. of the local contact person with contact details in their pocket at all times. In addition to the customer data, it is also possible to gain a complete insight into the Asset master data and the installed components. Documents relating to the service object (such as technical documentation) can also be retrieved.

Another important factor is the complete insight into the Asset history or machine file. Extensive search options can support on-site fault analyses and in some cases significantly shorten them. It is also possible to call up past measured values. Technicians can thus better analyze the measured value curves and prevent undesirable developments at an early stage.

As a result, the increased transparency of information creates both qualitative and quantitative advantages. Technicians can carry out their work better and more efficiently. At the same time, the back office receives noticeably fewer queries - e.g. in the event of missing contact details, an unclear location description or inquiries about the most recent maintenance work carried out on the asset.

Faster and better documentation of the operation

A mobile app also significantly reduces the time it takes to process orders. For example, the service technician can use predefined text modules and text entry by voice input to document the work carried out. In addition, all manually entered texts are checked by the integrated spell checker and corrected if necessary.

Increased quality in mobile order processing is one of the decisive factors in the decision to digitize the service technicians. In the mobile app, the Technician is clearly guided through the points to be completed. Incomplete order confirmations are now a thing of the past. Upper and lower limits defined in measurement report templates prevent incorrect entries and the fully integrated photo documentation means that damage or the replacement of components can be easily recorded and stored for the order.

Overall, the error rate in order processing is greatly reduced. In addition, the service technicians spend less time on documentation and can focus fully on their task.

Time savings and greater flexibility for office staff

If you look at the entire service processing process, mobile order processing also has a positive impact on Operational planning and billing in the office. The fact that Technicians now record all data digitally and are supported by functions such as voice input and spelling correction means that readable service reports are reported back, which avoids queries. In addition, the processed order data is available to the office staff immediately after completion of the work for checking and invoicing. Invoicing can now be carried out regularly and quickly, as all the data required for invoicing is available.

Finally, mobile order processing also increases flexibility and speed of response in service - one of the key success factors. Thanks to the mobile app in combination with digital Operational planning, operations can be rescheduled at the touch of a button, e.g. in the event of unforeseeable incidents. Technicians receive an immediate notification and all related deployment information.

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The enormous time and cost savings resulting from less effort and fewer queries for the service technicians and office staff are far from everything. There are also the less obvious advantages of a fundamentally improved service quality. Operations are documented significantly better and more transparently, resulting in a complete Asset and service history. In addition, digital order processing increases the positive external perception of your company.
In summary, all the advantages mentioned above contribute to one overriding goal: increased customer satisfaction through outstanding service.

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