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Advantages of using software in field service

A software solution to digitize field service processes brings numerous advantages. In addition to the positive effects for their own company, their customers also benefit from the digital way of working. In the following article, we have summarized the advantages of field service software for everyone involved in the service process.

Advantages of office work

  • Keeping appointments: As the office staff can add reminders to the maintenance schedule , maintenance appointments are no longer missed.
  • Proactive service: appropriate maintenance reminders allow office staff to proactively discuss the maintenance appointment with the customer, which increases customer loyalty
  • Error minimization: When the service technicians hand in an oil-smeared service report back to the office, they are often puzzled as to what is written on the report and errors occur during manual transmission. A digital service report eliminates the need for transmission, as the report is sent as a PDF to the relevant office employee directly after the operation has been completed.
  • High transparency: A few days after the service call, the phone rings in the office because the customer has questions about the times entered and the Spare Parts installed on the service report due to illegible writing. A digital (and above all legible) service report eliminates these queries.
  • Efficient deployment planning: The planning board with drag & drop function makes planning service assignments much easier than analog planning in Excel lists or Outlook. Operations can be quickly swapped in the event of illness and the employee concerned receives a push notification directly on their mobile device.

Advantages service technician

  • No empty runs: Service technicians no longer have to drive to the head office at the end of the day or after completing an operation to hand in paper service reports. Instead, the digital service report is synchronized directly from the smartphone/tablet with the office staff.
  • Increased flexibility: Emergency service operations can be carried out immediately, as the Technician has access to the system history of the service object in question on his mobile app at all times. This completely eliminates the need to scan and send past maintenance documents or even return to the head office to collect a "paper folder".
  • Error minimization: The service technician is given precise instructions on site via his mobile app as to which points he has to work through. Mandatory fields draw the customer's attention specifically to individual points and he cannot complete the operation if these are not filled in.
  • Shorter journeys: Supported route planning in the back office means that the distances between operations are shorter, as the nearest operation to the Technician is planned here. The shorter journeys make the day more efficient.
  • Simplified work: Access to past service reports or other documents and images simplifies the work of the service technician. He does not have to browse through customer folders, but can access all information directly via his mobile app. The app can also be used to directly change the master data of the properties and store images.

Advantages for customers

  • Transparent service report: The digital service report, which is sent directly to the customer by email as a PDF file after the operation is completed, provides the customer with all the information about the operation in a clear and legible format. Images of defective Plant components can be stored to ensure complete transparency. The customer confirms the service technician's work with a digital signature.
  • Reduced travel costs: As the service technicians are assigned more efficiently thanks to route planning, the distances between operations are shorter. The shorter distances mean lower travel costs for the customer.
  • Less repair work and machine downtime: Thanks to the reminders and the ticket system for open maintenance jobs, the corresponding maintenance work is carried out at regular intervals, thus avoiding unplanned repair work. At the same time, the running time and service life of the machine are increased.

General advantages for the company

  • More operations per day possible: Shorter distances between operations and easier work using the mobile app mean that more operations can be carried out per day with the same number of service technicians.
  • Faster invoicing - higher liquidity: Operations are synchronized directly with the office staff via the mobile app as soon as they are completed. This allows the office staff to invoice the customer directly and not have to wait for the Technicians to submit a paper report and manually transfer it into the system.
  • Employee satisfaction increases: By using innovative software solutions that simplify work and increase productivity, employee satisfaction also increases. Paperless working is also perceived as more pleasant.
  • Innovative Technician: The image of your own company increases enormously. The latest technologies are used, which leaves a positive impression on customers. You stand out from the competition and can consolidate and expand your position in the market.
  • Environmentally friendly working: Optimum route planning by the individual Technicians means that the distances between the different operations are shorter, which reduces Co2 emissions. In addition, paper is no longer required.
  • Fast response time: Customer loyalty is extremely strengthened by being able to respond more quickly to a desired operation. The office staff can directly schedule a free Technician for the Operation, whereby the service technician receives a push message on his smartphone/tablet.

If you would also like to benefit from the above-mentioned advantages of a software solution for your field service, please contact us at any time. We would be pleased to present ADASMA to you in an online presentation.