Technical system data

Enter your master data (e.g. designation, manufacturer, type, serial number) in asset management and assign it to the relevant customers. You can define additional data fields in the master data area as well as the entire component structure of the Asset flexibly and customizable at any time in the global settings.

Service lifecycle management

ADASMA keeps track of all maintenance due on your service objects and reminds you in good time to complete it with an automatically generated ticket. With just one click, you can create a new operation and find the right service technician and optimal appointment in no time at all with our integrated operation and route planning app.

Checklists and service intervals

Create checklists with integrated service intervals and assign them to the individual maintenance objects. Depending on the maintenance interval (minor maintenance, 10,000 operating hours maintenance, major overhaul), a defined scope of maintenance work is created, which is digitally documented directly on site by the service technician during the upcoming maintenance. This enables you to map even complex manufacturer maintenance plans and meet the strict requirements.


In addition to maintenance-specific checklists, you can also use the ADASMA form generator in Asset Management to generate any other form of fillable document - e.g. Measurement logs or customer visit reports - and then fill them out and send them back using the service technician app. You can use drag & drop to select the desired modules, declare mandatory fields and upper and lower value limits and insert accompanying texts and images - all of which can be flexibly adapted at any time.


Continuous inspection of due maintenance

Freely configurable checklists and forms

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Maintenance contracts

To ensure your contractually agreed maintenance and servicing services, ADASMA offers you the option of managing all your contracts and assigning them to the relevant properties. You can store associated documents directly in the contract and retrieve them via the maintenance object.
When entering the contract, you can define the term not only by time but also by a technical counter (e.g. operating hours). Within the evaluations, you can see when the next contracts expire so that you can react in good time.

Ticket system in asset management

Outstanding work on the corresponding maintenance objects are so-called tickets. They thus serve as a reminder for consideration in future operations. Tickets are managed directly in the object or in a global overview in which all cross-asset tickets are listed.

Classification and allocation

You can assign the tickets to a subject area (e.g. fault, maintenance, software update, etc.) using customizable classifications. Tickets can also be assigned to individual employees or entire departments. The users concerned receive a direct notification and can clearly document the processing progress of the ticket via the integrated comment system.

Linking with operations

You can then generate operations from tickets at the touch of a button. For documentation purposes, the operations from which tickets were created and the operations with which the tickets were completed are automatically recorded. Never lose track of outstanding work on your service objects again with ADASMA.