Optimize the service process with the ADASMA service software for combined heat and power plants service providers

Developments in the CHP sector

The requirements for service companies for maintenance and repair of Combined heat and power plants (CHPs) have risen sharply in the past. Due to stricter emissions regulations and an increasing Flexibilization of plant operation (flex operation) is transforming interval-based maintenance into condition-based and component-based maintenance.

At the same time, the industry-wide consolidation and uncertain The prospects of future EEG subsidies are leading to increasing competitive pressure. Particularly in the service for existing systems, the Customer satisfaction is a decisive factor for long-term corporate success. More and more companies are relying on a Service software for combined heat and power plants.

Challenges in the maintenance and servicing of Combined heat and power plants

The focus for companies in the CHP service sector is to make your Assets to the level of detail required for a Combined heat and power plants. It is not only the serial number of the asset. Rather, the aset as a whole, incl. of all installed components can be managed flexibly. The components include the engine, generator, control unit, turbocharger and other components. Peripheral units.

In addition to the pure master data documentation, an intelligent CHP service history is required to view all work carried out and changes made to the CHP plant at a glance. to be able to recognize. In combination with the maintenance schedules based on operating hours , this allows the entire lifecycle management of the asset.

With an increasing number of assets under management and the associated CHP service technicians continue to focus on a software-supported operational planning app. Within an intuitive The planning board should provide the Operation Coordinators with route optimization and the required technician skills. to be able to assign the operation to a suitable fitter. In addition, the service technicians must be supported by a integrate mobile maintenance into the service process in order to achieve maximum efficiency in service. The Service technicians should be able to carry out the entire, extensive technical documentation on the mobile device. In conjunction with the service technician app, photo documentation is also unavoidable in order to avoid accidents and damage to the CHP plants. to be able to document it.

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ADASMA as the ideal service software for combined heat and power plants service providers

Compared to the usual tradesman solutions, our ADASMA service software can be specifically and uncompromisingly adapted to your customer service requirements for combined heat and power plants:

  • Comprehensive property management incl. Documentation of the installed components and direct integration of the type plate, RI diagram, technical descriptions, spare parts lists and much more.
  • Mapping of service and maintenance contracts incl. Running time according to operating hours
  • Consideration of motor replacement events and mapping of two operating hours counters (motor counter and peripheral counter)
  • System-specific maintenance messages depending on the assigned maintenance plan and the degree of utilization (operating hours/day) of the Combined heat and power plants

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