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Fundamentals of compressed air technology

Air compressors are technically complex assets that are used in the The products can be used in a wide variety of sectors such as industrial production, trade, shipping, environmental and medical technology.

Due to the wide variety of components in a compressor, such as electrical cables, oil and air filters and all valves, it is necessary to check and maintain them regularly to prevent asset failures. According to TÜV specifications and the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health require operators of compressed air systems to carry out inspections.

Challenges in testing and maintenance work in compressed air technology

The TÜV prescribes regular testing of compressed air systems. The maintenance intervals and the scope of the maintenance measures vary depending on the size of the Asset and the hazard potential of the system. In order to meet this requirement, solid asset management (e.g. B. Compressed air station 1) and object management (e.g. compressor 1+2) are essential. Based on operating hours and/or time intervals, the office staff are faced with the challenge of keeping an eye on upcoming maintenance or inspections and implementing an efficient maintenance plan based on this. Depending on the type of maintenance, special maintenance schedules apply to the respective compressors, which adds to the complexity.

In addition to the maintenance schedules, different maintenance protocols are often used depending on the type of compressor (e.g. screw or piston compressor). The selection of the appropriate protocol - e.g. for recording temperatures and pressures - is therefore also part of the deployment preparation by the dispatcher.

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Asset management and field service management
for the maintenance of compressed air systems

As can already be seen from the challenges, a comprehensive Asset management is particularly important for service companies in the compressed air technology sector. All stations and especially the compressors can be maintained with their relevant technical master data. In addition, e.g. on the basis of compressor types suitable Maintenance schedules and logs are assigned, which are automatically displayed to the Technician on his mobile app during the next maintenance. be proposed for completion. A consistent asset history shows the entire life cycle of the service objects and thus ensures greater transparency in service.

As part of field service management, resources such as Employees, equipment, material and external trades organized and coordinated. Employees can be selected using special filters who have the necessary qualifications to carry out the assignment. Should an expert from the TÜV be called in, then this can, for example are recorded as part of the external trade planning. Since the various components of the compressed air system equipment is required, the equipment can also be assigned to the operation, so that special measuring devices can be used. not be planned twice.

In addition to the office staff, the service technicians also benefit from a digital software solution. Equipped with a tablet or smartphone and an offline-capable mobile app, technicians are able to This enables them to call up all relevant deployment information and get an idea of the scope of the task and the system status in advance. The The entire deployment documentation is then also stored on the mobile device. Maintenance plans and logs can be filled out, photos are taken, material consumption recorded and times recorded. Finally, the customer signs digitally and receives the Afterwards, you will receive a comprehensive service report by e-mail.

Why ADASMA is the ideal software for service companies in the compressed air technology sector

Compared to many standard craftsman solutions, ADASMA combines the important area of asset management with the functions of a field service management solution. Many software solutions "only" offer Operational planning with a rudimentary mobile app, while neglecting the need for the Asset documentation and special maintenance planning in the field of compressed air and compressor technology. Only when all functions The complex requirements for compressed air service companies can be met by the interaction of all these components.

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