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Challenges in servicing construction machinery

Service in the construction machinery industry presents a number of challenges with it. It is not only machine availability for the customer that is essential, but above all the documentation of work and Modifications to the construction machine must be guaranteed - e.g. on initial delivery or during the service life of the machine.

If a machine breaks down unplanned, quick reactions are required to avoid expensive downtimes and follow-up costs. avoid. A technician with the right qualifications and the shortest possible distance to the place of operation must be able to move quickly from the The operational management can be identified. Another challenge compared to stationary Assets is that the locations of the construction machines can change daily and usually cannot be described exactly by address (e.g. B through highway or Agricultural/forestry Places of operation).

Find out which functions ADASMA uses to provide you with optimum support for your challenges.

Use a professional software solution for servicing construction machinery

Mapping the current machine location with the help of interfaces

  • As construction machinery is used on the move, the service technician may have problems getting to the site. By means of a Connection of the field service solution to machine portals or telematics solutions makes it possible to monitor the current machine location for Operational planning and navigation purposes. Thanks to an integrated interface The software brings together the relevant information in your field service solution so that you do not have to constantly switch between software solutions. have to change.

Digital documentation with the ADASMA service technician app

  • In order to provide all parties involved (manufacturer, service partner, customer) with a complete "service booklet" for the construction machine at all times To be able to demonstrate the quality of the data, proper and comprehensive digital documentation is required. A mobile app can be used to carry out conversions in the in-house workshop as well as Maintenance and service activities in the field are also documented by the Technicians. Master data and Component data edited directly via the app and supplemented with photos. All activities and service entries are listed chronologically in the machine history.

Proactive service through maintenance and inspection intervals

  • To prevent unplanned downtime, it is important to check the machines at regular intervals - if possible after Manufacturer's specification - to be maintained and checked. So that construction machinery service partners can offer their customers a proactive maintenance service a connection to telematics systems should also be used here. This means that your maintenance software is able to refine maintenance planning with daily updated operating and capacity utilization data and to adapt you precisely to the next due maintenance of the construction machine. In this context, various maintenance and inspection intervals can be (based on operating hours and time) can be mapped and managed.

Using ADASMA in the workshop

  • Comprehensive service software is not only suitable for the planning and digital documentation of on-site service calls. Also activities and capacities in the workshop can be planned, coordinated and documented. Self-configurable checklists and Forms such as a delivery log and digital time recording complete the operation in the workshop functional.

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