New cooperation: Interface connects OELCHECK and ADASMA

We are pleased to be able to offer our customers another interesting standard integration to ADASMA through our cooperation with OELCHECK GmbH.

Using a standardized interface, the OELCHECK oil analyses are automatically stored in the ADASMA system history. Benefit from a digitized service process and avoid error-prone transmission work.


OELCHECK was founded in 1991 by Barbara and Peter Weismann in Brannenburg (Germany). The leading laboratory for lubricant and operating fluid analysis in Europe analyzes up to 2,000 samples a day using over 100 different analysis devices.

Regular lubricant analyses can prevent unexpected breakdowns, save costs, protect the environment and use lubricants and operating fluids for longer.

The oil, grease, fuel and coolant samples come from a wide range of industries such as power generation, earthmoving, transportation, mechanical and plant engineering, automotive and maintenance and service.

The functions

  • Automatic creation of history entries incl. of the oil analysis PDF in ADASMA
  • Configurable content of the history entry (oil analysis status, operating hours, etc.)
  • Automatic creation and assignment of a ticket depending on the oil analysis status
  • Consideration of the analysis data in the ADASMA maintenance date calculation

Your advantages

  • High time savings and error avoidance thanks to automatic import
  • Always up-to-date data thanks to 30-minute synchronization rhythm
  • Modern and secure interface thanks to https connection
  • Future-proof thanks to guaranteed update compatibility

Would you like more information about the cooperation with OELCHECK or do you have any questions? We will be happy to advise you.