Operation and personnel key figures

ADASMA shows you all relevant service key figures at a glance. For example, analyze the distribution of your monthly service hours across the various categories - how much of your time is spent on maintenance work and how much on ad-hoc troubleshooting? What is the ratio of working time to driving time for your service technicians?

Asset key figures

With our system-specific key figures, you have all the data for your service fleet at your fingertips. Use the interactive graphic to evaluate your service objects by manufacturer and type. Display the quota of your inactive objects and check the proportion of your service objects with assigned maintenance contracts.

Excel export

If you or your colleagues need a very specific evaluation, you can also easily make all data available with the ADASMA Excel export and process it as required.

You get an overview of all service objects in a matter of seconds. You can add the additional information you need at the touch of a button. From the system location, the last known operating hours or specific information about the installed components, almost every conceivable evaluation is possible in ADASMA.

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User-specific customization

News and ToDo's

Every user can create their own dashboard in ADASMA according to their requirements. Individual modules can be easily shown or hidden and arranged user-specifically using drag & drop. Are you an Operational planner, for example? Then display your current operation locations on a map or an overview of operations that you still have to plan for the next week.

All news from the company (such as an ADASMA update) is displayed on a special pinboard. You can also reach your service technicians in the field to provide them with important information during day-to-day operations. You also have the option of managing your personal ToDo's and the tickets assigned to you accordingly.

You should consider these 5 criteria when selecting FSM software

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