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Challenges in elevator service

Particularly in the area of maintenance and testing of elevator systems and escalators, strict maintenance specifications, standards and regulations apply. Laws. This is certainly understandable, as many elevators "transport" human lives and the risk of breakdowns due to regular maintenance work should be reduced to a minimum.

The Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health stipulates that a risk analysis must be carried out for every installation and that a maintenance and servicing company must be commissioned to carry out annual maintenance. Due to the large number of lift systems and the resulting service calls, it is difficult to maintain an overview. How can maintenance and servicing work be ideally coordinated so that all maintenance requirements are fully met?

Find out which functions the ADASMA maintenance software for elevators and escalators
provides you with optimum support for your challenges.

Optimized maintenance planning with ADASMA

With the operation of maintenance software for elevators, the process from basic property management to final Operational planning and documentation.

Within asset management, all customers with the associated elevator systems and their locations, so that the appropriate object can be quickly selected in the event of a fault message and the asset history can be viewed. The most recently documented incidents or past maintenance work can be accessed directly by every employee.

In addition, specific maintenance objects can be maintenance intervals can be stored. Based on operating hours, commissioning or the last maintenance, the next maintenance date is determined, and the office staff is notified in good time so that they can proactively take the elevator systems under their care for maintenance.

The digital Operational planning also means that you can see at any time which technician is at which distance - efficient support in scheduling, especially for unplanned malfunctions and troubleshooting. At the same time, idle times are avoided and routes and travel times are optimized.

Supplemented by a mobile technician app, important maintenance plans and measurement logs can be digitally and processed step by step, ensuring a standardized and comprehensive scope of maintenance. These checklists and logs, including photo documentation, are displayed in the digital service report once the work has been completed and sent to the back office after the service technician and customer have digitally signed the report. This is where the order can be finalised and invoiced.

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