Maintenance planner and mobile app for emergency generator service companies

Basics of emergency power generators

Similar to a combined heat and power plant, it consists of A power generation unit (also known as an emergency power generator) as a unit usually consisting of an internal combustion engine (e.g. a diesel engine). diesel engine) and a generator that produces the electrical energy. Emergency power supply systems can be stationary or mobile assets. and are used wherever independence from the power grid must be guaranteed - e.g. in the event of a blackout (power failure) in a hospital.

Challenges in customer service for emergency power generator service

Due to the sometimes highly critical area of application, the The functionality of safety-relevant Assets must be guaranteed in the event of an emergency. To ensure this operational readiness regular maintenance is absolutely essential. Depending on the asset, monthly to annual Maintenance intervals are planned and include, among other things, the replacement of the operating equipment and Asset test runs. This will Damage that can occur due to long downtimes is avoided.

As part of the emergency power generator service, the maintenance planning plays a very important role. The service company's Operational planners must have all due dates of the assets in order to comply with maintenance requirements, some of which are prescribed by law. Particularly when looking after a This is almost impossible to manage without suitable software support.

With regard to operations in the field, the emergency power technician should digitally record the machine data as well as the maintenance plans and logs. Only then can a software-supported validation of input values provides information on whether certain parts or components need to be replaced. Fitters can also use the mobile app to document third-party units in no time at all - eliminating the otherwise time-consuming follow-up work. Plant data in the office is no longer required.

Find out which functions ADASMA offers to optimally support you with your challenges in emergency power generator service.

With the ADASMA maintenance planner
All maintenance dates at a glance at all times

The ADASMA maintenance software offers comprehensive asset management and a planning board as well as an intelligent maintenance planner, which provides you with comprehensive support in complying with maintenance due dates. As one of the few solutions on the market, ADASMA is able to consider time intervals and counter intervals (e.g. operating hours) independently of each other. As a rule, a regular reminder (e.g. every year) is sufficient. However, units that ensure a continuous power supply may be due for maintenance earlier after operating hours than on the basis of the time interval. In this case, ADASMA monitors both intervals and generates a maintenance reminder as soon as one of the two events occurs first.

At the same time, your service technicians can use the mobile app to fill out all maintenance documents digitally. The app is fully offline-capable. Editing also works without an Internet connection. As soon as an active Internet connection is re-established, the operation data is automatically synchronized to the control center.

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