The areas of application and functions of ADASMA

Is ADASMA also suitable for my company?
Whether maintenance, commissioning or customer service - ADASMA is suitable for all companies that are active in maintenance, service or technical customer service. This is possible because during the development of ADASMA great importance was attached to maximum configuration by the user. Thanks to numerous setting and customization options, ADASMA can be tailored to the requirements of companies in a wide range of business areas.

Moreover, the configuration is not only carried out once before the software is introduced, but can also be continuously adapted by you as the ADASMA administrator during operation.
From how many employees is the operation of ADASMA worthwhile?
Unlike many other software providers, ADASMA does not have a minimum number of users. ADASMA is used by companies with 2 to over 100 service technicians and is therefore suitable for companies of any size. Thanks to an attractive pricing model, the operation is profitable even for smaller service companies.
Can I work with the Technician app without an internet connection?
Yes. The ADASMA Mobile app is fully offline-capable, as the data is automatically saved on the mobile device. This means that all mobile order processing (photo capture, filling in logs, digital signatures, etc.) is possible even without an active Internet connection.

The upload of the application data takes place automatically after completion as soon as an Internet connection is detected again.

Technical features and interfaces of ADASMA

How is ADASMA installed?
ADASMA can be offered either on the customer's own servers (on-premise) or as a hosted solution on dedicated servers in a German data center. In any case, we will of course set up and configure ADASMA for you in consultation with your IT department.
Can ADASMA be connected to other systems (e.g. ERP)?
Thanks to its modern software architecture, ADASMA can be connected to various software solutions. In the meantime, numerous ERP systems have been connected to ADASMA quickly and easily. The scope can vary from read-only access (retrieval of customer and article master data) to write access to the ERP system (transfer of order data).

There is also a fully integrated standard interface to Sage100. Other ERP systems have also been connected to ADASMA several times - contact us to find out whether your ERP system can also be connected.
How safe is ADASMA?
ADASMA is secured against unauthorized access by third parties in several areas. For example, master and transaction data can only be retrieved from the ADASMA server after successful authentication. Strong password guidelines prevent the use of insecure passwords.

All data exchange between the ADASMA server and the desktop and mobile clients is encrypted at transport level using SSL/TLS certificates. Furthermore, automated backups of the database and the file system to various backup targets (hardware) protect against data loss.
How future-proof is ADASMA?
ADASMA has been developed with state-of-the-art technologies right from the start. This guarantees, among other things, offline capability of the mobile app, flexible and simple connectivity to other software solutions and a modern and intuitive user interface (UI).

Our own development team (no external development or outsourcing) works daily on the further development of ADASMA, implementing new features and improvements based on the wishes and suggestions of our customers. The ADASMA updates are usually published quarterly.

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Software implementation and support for ADASMA

Will I be supported during the software implementation?
We place the highest value on fast, reliable and direct support during software implementation. As a customer, you will be assigned a personal project manager who will accompany you - as required - from the requirements analysis and possible software adaptations through to employee training and go-live support.

Furthermore, the project managers are in regular contact with the development department so that desired adjustments and configurations can be implemented in ADASMA at short notice.
Who can I contact after the software launch?
In addition to functional and intuitive software, our main aim is to offer you the best possible software support. After the introduction of ADASMA, you will be assigned a personal contact person who will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Should errors/bugs occur in the application in exceptional cases, we also contractually guarantee you the fastest response times so that your system is ready for use again shortly.

With us, you will definitely not find a cumbersome and general support hotline, but will receive direct support from our in-house ADASMA specialists.

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