What exactly is Field Service Management?

Field Service Management is the link between customers and products. Cars are known to require regular maintenance and inspection, and this is also the case for all plants and equipment in a company. For uncomplicated organization, many companies now use software solutions to increase efficiency and cost savings. All processes are digitized through the operation of field service management software.

Field Service Management (FSM) is not just the term customer service, but encompasses a much wider range of tasks. It includes the following areas:

  • Planning and management of resources such as employees, vehicles, materials, etc.
  • Transmission of information to the relevant employees
  • Error and task determination
  • Remote monitoring and evaluation of the service object

Meeting increasing customer requirements with field service management software

Increasing digitalization means that fast and error-free customer service is becoming more and more important. Those responsible in service companies are faced with the major challenge of meeting these customer requirements. This raises several questions. How can the available resources be used optimally and how can the service requirements of customers be met in order to strengthen customer loyalty?

Processes can be digitized using appropriate field service management software. With appropriate route and operation planning, the distances between operations are shorter, which means more operations can be carried out and idle time for Technicians can be avoided. At the same time, response times are increasing - especially in the event of system failures, where every minute of downtime costs money.

As expensive equipment (measuring devices, etc.) is often required in the service application areas, it is also important to use it optimally here. In most cases, it is necessary to "plan" the equipment in a similar way to the employees, as the equipment is also a "scarce commodity". The FSM is used to assign the equipment and the corresponding vehicle to the service technicians who need this equipment. This makes it possible to track whether equipment is still available and for which operations it was last used.

In addition to a fast response time, customers expect a transparent and consistent service. The FSM uses customizable maintenance schedules to remind customers of upcoming maintenance so that they can be informed proactively. Transparency also plays an important role in the service technician's work. With the help of a digital service report including photo documentation in the FSM mobile app, all relevant information can be prepared transparently for the customer and made available digitally.

To summarize, field service management has some significant advantages:

  • Reducing costs through optimal resource planning
  • Increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Higher availability of service objects through predictive maintenance
  • Support for service technicians
  • Shorter billing cycles thanks to digital service report and synchronization with office staff

Typical areas of application of the FSM

Find out which functions ADASMA uses to provide you with optimum support for your challenges.

ADASMA as your solution for field service management

In addition to the aspects mentioned above, ADASMA offers you many other useful functions that make your day-to-day work as a maintenance and repair company much easier. This includes, for example a structured and clear asset management function. You can also carry out helpful strategic evaluations based on the system data, which can serve as a sound basis for important strategic decisions.

ADASMA provides an intuitive planning board for office-based service planners, which can be used to coordinate service technicians in the field in a time-saving and efficient manner - including route optimization. The range of functions is rounded off by a high-performance and easy-to-use service technician app. This puts you in a position to fully digitalize your entire service process and exploit all the potential offered by today's technologies.

The ADASMA maintenance software is industry-independent and is primarily aimed at maintenance and service companies that carry out maintenance, commissioning and customer service activities on their customers' service objects as service providers.