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Developments in the mechanical engineering industry

In mechanical engineering, the industrial service business has become increasingly important in recent years due to the advancing equipment of systems and machines. As a result, more and more manufacturers are turning to mechanical engineering field service software to set themselves apart from the competition.

Increasingly complex sensor technology and a better connection to the Internet can be found in the new machines, which enables a so-called Smart Service.

Challenges in the maintenance and servicing of machines and assets

Due to the complexity of the machines and their components, maintenance and servicing work is absolutely essential to ensure that the service life is increased and downtimes are minimized.

As the associated components and parts in mechanical engineering, such as engines, have different maintenance requirements, detailed documentation of the work carried out as well as the components and their associated properties is essential.

As compliance with the maintenance plans and the completion of the measurement logs are important components of the maintenance activities to be carried out these should be documented directly via a mobile service technician app. Since the completion of paper reports by external factors such as dirt, dust and oil, digital recording of all maintenance activities is all the more useful. The back office no longer receives a smudged, barely legible piece of paper, but a directly processable, digital Service report.

Find out which functions of the ADASMA mechanical engineering field service software provide you with optimum support for your challenges.

How ADASMA can help you
Mechanical engineering field service software helps

ADASMA offers you a complete solution for the service, which can be individually configured to meet the needs and challenges of mechanical engineering.

  • Object management with complete documentation of all assets including stored documents such as operating instructions and nameplates
  • Maintenance intervals depending on the operating hours or the last maintenance
  • Customizable forms and maintenance plans to meet the requirements of complex mechanical engineering
  • Evaluation of system-specific key figures to optimise the service

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