Operation plan

When planning shifts, you can see at a glance which employees are available in which period with the clearly laid out shift calendar.


In addition to service assignments, other appointment categories such as vacation, on-call duty or illness can also be created. You can adjust the name and color scheme yourself in the ADASMA settings and change it at any time.

Drag & Drop

Simply move existing appointments between your service technicians using drag & drag or extend them intuitively using a "handle" at the top or bottom of the respective appointment. Everything is very simple and intuitive.

Real-time synchronization

The service technicians receive all deployment data directly and in real time on their mobile device. As soon as a Technician has started or completed an Operation, you will see this immediately in the operation calendar. Of course, the responsible operations planner also receives a real-time notification as soon as an operation has been carried out properly. Depending on the setting, the other calendar appointments are also synchronized with the mobile app (vacations, on-call duty, etc.).

Planning aid for operational planning

With the help of the integrated planning aid, you can see at a glance which operations still need to be planned. Filter the operations to a specific period or according to a specific classification - e.g. maintenance work - and start detailed planning. When you click on an operation to be planned, it is automatically highlighted in the embedded map. Depending on your requirements, the distances of the individual Technicians to the site are displayed.

You can also display surrounding routes that have already been planned so that you can add the operation to be planned to existing routes. Once you have found the right appointment and service technician, simply drag and drop the operation from the list on the side into the planning board. This ensures that your operations always involve the shortest possible travel times. Route planning and route optimization - very simple.

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Geographical map

With the geographical map, ADASMA offers a powerful tool for analyzing location-related, operational and strategic problems.


The map allows you to visualize all locations stored in ADASMA - e.g. your entire asset fleet that you service. Added to this are the locations of customers, service technicians, operations or tickets. Various search and filter options allow you to customize the number of locations displayed to suit your needs. All categories can be filtered separately and are shown and hidden dynamically with a click.

Strategic decisions - an example

You can use the extensive geographical information to derive various strategic decisions: For example, you can display the locations of your maintenance asset on the deployment map. Now also show the locations of your Technicians. You can see directly whether there is a shortage of service technicians in certain regions in relation to the asset fleet there. Thanks to the integrated filter options, countless other geographical evaluations and analyses are possible. Get in touch with us to find out more.