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Basics of refrigeration systems

Whether refrigeration systems, cold rooms, heat pumps or ventilation systems. Within refrigeration and air conditioning technology, all assets and their components are exposed to extreme conditions that can change at any time. Regular, professional maintenance and thorough Leak tests are the cornerstone for high operational safety and early detection of leaks. Malfunctions. Especially in industrial applications, trouble-free system operation is of great importance. importance in order to reduce downtime and operating costs to a minimum.

Challenges in the maintenance of industrial refrigeration systems

Operators of industrial refrigeration systems require their maintenance and Service company fast response times. A reliably functioning service department is essential for this. Particularly in the case of ad-hoc operations, service software must ensure that no important information is lost in the short time available. information is lost. Operational planning must be able to react quickly and flexibly. This includes ensuring that existing plans taking into account existing routes and the skills of service technicians, in order to ensure capacities for acute to create disruptive operations.

The basis for an outstanding service is a seamless and Comprehensive asset documentation. Whether it's weeks of planned maintenance or an emergency service operation - the service technician should be able to access the asset master data and history for every operation with the help of a mobile app. The digital logging of measured values plays a decisive role. Only then are further analyses possible without additional possible to prevent undesirable developments at an early stage. If measured values, e.g. indicate that a component needs to be replaced, the this replacement must also be recorded digitally in the system file - e.g. by photographing the type plate of the respective System component.

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Optimize service for refrigeration systems with the ADASMA operational planning and service technician app

The mobile ADASMA app offers your fitters the option of digitally recording measured values, e.g. as part of leak tests. If required, each entry can be checked for permissible upper and lower value limits so that typing errors are excluded. The technician is also able to view the past measured values in the form of measured value curves - even without an Internet connection.

ADASMA meets the demand for flexibility in refrigeration service with an on-call service function in the mobile app, among other things. Technicians can create operations directly within the mobile app, especially at weekends when service technicians have to carry out unplanned emergency service calls. This enables them to access all plant data without the back office and create ad hoc operations. At the same time, there is no media disruption and the billing department can bill the operation directly in the following week - just like all planned operations. The manual typing of handwritten service reports from the weekend is no longer necessary.

During the week, the intelligent planning board also helps the office staff to flexibly reschedule operations so that they can react to unplanned events at any time. ADASMA actively supports the selection of the right technician by means of integrated route planning and skill matching.

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