Asset documentation and operation data available in the mobile service technician app

operation data

The ADASMA mobile app provides your service technicians with all relevant operation data on their end devices. Changes to deployment dates or the scope of tasks are communicated directly via a push notification. Your technician can also start navigation to the asset directly. Directions and cumbersome route descriptions are now a thing of the past, as navigation is based on GPS coordinates.

Asset data

In addition to customer and deployment information, all relevant technical data for the service object in question is also displayed and can be edited accordingly. This includes both the documentation of technical master data and the recording of installed components incl. storing nameplate images via the service technician app. To support efficient troubleshooting on site, service technicians can also call up the digital Asset history or device file as well as past measured values - even without an Internet connection.

  • All data available on mobile devices
  • Increases the independence of technicians
  • Fewer queries and coordination

Digital service report

Digital data acquisition

Voice input and photo documentation

All technical data such as measurement logs, maintenance plans and materials can be recorded directly in the ADASMA mobile app. Any excess consumption is also correctly logged by recording vehicle withdrawals or customer deliveries via the service app. At the end of the operation, the signatures are recorded digitally and the customer receives the service report by email immediately afterwards.

In addition to the entry of work carried out with spelling correction or direct entry via voice input, meter readings can also be queried on request (e.g. operating hours, starts) in order to continue the complete service record of the maintenance object. You can also use photo documentation to protect yourself against unjustified customer complaints.


100+ service managers have already successfully implemented ADASMA as field service management software:

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Technical features of the service technician app

Our mobile app was developed on the basis of the latest technologies. This not only visibly improves performance but also increases user-friendliness.

Offline operation

First things first: our mobile service technician app is fully offline-capable - without restrictions. Once downloaded, operation data is available directly (offline). All digital documentation is also possible without an internet connection. This means that your service technician can concentrate fully on his tasks and doesn't have to worry about the next dead zone or poor internet connection. If no internet connection is available when the operation is completed, the operation data will be uploaded automatically as soon as an internet connection is available again. It is not necessary to manually trigger the data upload again.


The ADASMA service app offers the greatest possible flexibility with regard to the use of mobile devices, as it is platform-independent and therefore available for iOS, Android and Windows. It also supports multi-device operation, i.e. your service technicians can use both their tablet and their smartphone for deployment documentation. Decide for yourself which device is best suited to your purposes, or simply use all device types - ADASMA gives you the freedom to choose.

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