Innovationen im digitalen Kundenservice

The future is now:
Current developments and innovations in digital customer service

The digital transformation is having a revolutionary impact on the maintenance of machines and plants. Through the operation of advanced technologies in service management, companies can not only increase their efficiency, but also maximize the service life and performance of their plants. Find out in this article which innovations and developments enable real added value for digital service processes and can position your company at the forefront of efficiency and innovation in digital customer service.

1st IoT integration for real-time monitoring

The integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies enables real-time monitoring of service objects. Sensors continuously collect data on power, temperature and other relevant parameters. The Field Service Management software processes this information and enables Technicians to perform preventive maintenance to identify potential problems early and minimize downtime.

2. predictive maintenance for predictive maintenance

Through the operation of predictive maintenance algorithms, the software analyzes historical data to predict future maintenance requirements. This enables service companies to optimize their maintenance strategies by procuring spare parts in good time and planning scheduled maintenance intervals precisely.

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3. augmented reality (AR) for technician support

In the digital age, augmented reality offers an innovative solution for supporting Technicians on site. Field service management software can integrate AR features to provide Technicians with visual guides, virtual manuals and real-time communication with experts. This optimizes the diagnosis and rectification of problems on site.

4. cloud-based documentation and collaboration

By using cloud technologies, the software enables seamless documentation and collaboration. Technicians can upload maintenance histories, checklists and photos in real time. This data is accessible to all authorised employees, which improves transparency and promotes effective collaboration.

5. customer portals for transparent communication

The integration of customer portals enables transparent communication with system operators. Customers can check the status of their plants in real time, view maintenance reports and plan upcoming maintenance work in advance. This creates trust and improves customer loyalty.

6 AI integration for intelligent maintenance decisions

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the field service management software enables even more intelligent prediction of maintenance due. AI algorithms analyze extensive data sets, including weather conditions, historical performance data and technical parameters. Based on these analyses, the AI makes precise predictions about future maintenance requirements and recommends optimized strategies.


The digital transformation in service management opens up new horizons for efficiency and quality. Specialized field service management software that integrates IoT, predictive maintenance, AR and cloud technologies enables companies to successfully overcome the challenges of modern plant maintenance.

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