Maintenance and servicing of wind turbines with ADASMA

Basics of wind turbines

Wind turbines are the driving force behind the shift towards electricity generation from renewable energies in German landscapes. It is impossible to imagine life without it. Thanks to their flexible use, they can be used at various installation locations (onshore and offshore). offshore assets). Modern wind turbines have now developed into technically complex systems and, due to their construction are sometimes exposed to heavy loads, which also has an impact on maintenance and servicing.

Challenges in servicing wind turbines

As the epitome of stationary assets, wind turbines are often installed on installed in extensive fields or at sea. This poses several challenges for the maintenance of such assets. On the one hand, the location of a wind turbine cannot usually be described with a unique address - here it requires the Acquisition of precise GPS coordinates to enable navigation to the Asset. On the other hand, the Network coverage at the locations is usually not optimal, so the service technicians inevitably have to be equipped with an offline-capable mobile app.

In addition, maintenance and servicing in some cases over 100 meters high is demanding and requires maximum concentration from the service technicians. This makes it all the more important that the app for The system is simple and intuitive to use.

It is important for the office staff that the service software actively uses the data from remote monitoring, the SCADA system, to enable predictive maintenance. enable. Information on the status of the asset, status messages and operating parameters should be included in the maintenance software can be integrated.

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ADASMA as the ideal service software for the maintenance of wind turbines

The ADASMA mobile app has been consistently designed to enable the service technician on site to enter operation data easily and intuitively. The interface is tidy, logically structured and thus significantly increases acceptance among Technicians - e.g. through text modules, voice input, error catalogs and classic photo documentation. Of course, the app is fully offline-capable and synchronizes the recorded data automatically to the office staff as soon as an Internet connection is available again.

In addition to the intuitive technician app, ADASMA offers the option of integrating live data from the wind turbines as part of asset management. ADASMA displays the current operating parameters for each Asset and uses this data to predict maintenance dates with pinpoint accuracy. In addition, incoming status messages on the system status are recorded and, in the event of errors, a fault message is automatically generated in the ticket system. Operational planning is then notified immediately and can directly schedule a service technician to rectify the fault if required.

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